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Ultimate Hedging Machine

Launch Date: October 21, 2024

by Broker Breakdown

We understand the hurdles you face – the complexity of coding your own Expert Advisors (EAs), the disappointment in free EAs that fail to perform, and the uncertainty of investing in paid EAs without guaranteed returns.

No Need to Code

Embarking on the journey of algorithmic trading often begins with a steep climb – the complexity of crafting your own Expert Advisors (EAs). The intricate process of coding and creating EAs can be a daunting barrier, locking out many eager traders from the benefits of automated trading. We recognise this challenge and offer a seamless solution.

An Uncapped Free EA

It’s tempting to opt for various free EAs, hoping for a cost-effective shortcut to trading success. However, these free versions often come with a hidden cost – underperformance. The disappointment of poor results from free EAs can be discouraging, making the quest for effective trading tools frustrating and fruitless. More often than not, these free EAs are capped versions of their paid “brothers”, pushing you to buy the “real deal”.

And what if the Paid EA fails?

On the other side of the spectrum, paid EAs promise better performance but introduce a new risk – the uncertainty of returns. Investing in paid EAs means risking your capital without a guarantee of performance, a gamble that many traders are understandably hesitant to make.

It’s a path riddled with obstacles and risks.

Start expert advisor trading with Broker Breakdown 🙂

Here at Broker Breakdown we have a different approach.

We offer the full version of our EAs for free when you trade under our partnership program. Say goodbye to the hassle of coding, the unreliability of free EAs, and the gamble of paid versions.

The first EA that we are publishing is a hedging EA. Our Hedging Expert advisor, built from scratch with the scope of minimising risk and offer good performance in various market conditions. With our hedging EA you can start your journey to expert advisor trading instantly with no upsells or offers for a premium version. You install it on your MT5 terminal and you are good to go.

Join the Waiting List

Don’t miss out, join the waiting list and get notified as soon as we have our EA live.

We don’t spam because we are too lazy to write too many emails, so you are safe.

How is it possible?

You trade, we assist, and together we thrive. Our partnership model is simple and transparent. While you trade, we earn a small commission from your trades – not a penny more than what you would normally pay. In fact, your trading costs remain unchanged, as your broker shares a part of their commission with us, a reward for bringing valuable clients like you to their platform.

This is trading made smarter, not harder. It’s not just about giving you an Expert Advisor; it’s about empowering you with a tool that transforms the way you trade and with confidence. Join us, and let’s navigate the markets together, turning volatility into opportunity.

Why give a way a good expert advisor trading system for free?

robot trader, in the street, giving away goodies

Well we sort of don’t, as explained exactly above but there is actually something more.

All of our EAs are focused on retail traders and retail trading. This environment provides unique opportunities (and risks) but the important thing for us, is that retail traders have almost zero market impact (their orders don’t affect actual market pricing).

Therefore even if thousands of retail traders start using our trading EAs, their efficiency does not drop and therefore sharing them is not reducing their value and performance for us. At the end of the day we make more money by sharing them and using them, instead of just using them.

How our Expert Advisor works?

The main strategy behind this particular trading EA is simple, the EA is following a hedging strategy while the market is moving sideways and is calm, while as soon as the market starts to trend in either direction, the EA “switches” off, closes all trades and waits for better market conditions. You can configure how hedging behaves in either case and you can also set the threshold for when the EA considers a market as trending.

Configurability of Trading with the EA

We have kept the configurations to the minimum, with core strategy being handle by the EA, you as the user only need to set risk parameters and small strategy adjustments. All settings are very clear and straightforward to use.

What to expect in terms of Performance from this EA?

Depending on the instrument, the Expert Advisor will have varying degrees of performance. Liquid markets tend to do better, the EA trading system has been extensively backtested for XAUUSD and EURUSD. Whatever instrument you choose to use this EA with, make sure you first backtest it thoroughly and fine tune the settings and configurations. Fortunately we have a guide for this 🙂

More Features & Benefits

To help you get started we have:

  • Full guide on how to install and activate our expert advisor trading system.
  • Full guide on how to you use and configure our expert advisor trading system.
  • Full guide on how to backtest (run experiments with historical data) our expert advisor trading system.
  • Full guide on how to find and easily setup a VPS for maximum performance.
  • A journal where we record publicly the development a progress of the Expert Advisor.

But does this EA trading bot work?

There are many backtests where our EA performs beautifully, but we will just attach the latest month with the latest version of the EA here.

This is a snapshot of January on the most recent iteration (as of January 2024) for EURUSD on real ticks with a 10ms delay, with balanced hedging settings. You can verify that these are real yourself very easily, see the guide above on how to backtest.

Expert Advisor Trading Performance with Market Trend Detector Off:

Expert Advisor Trading Performance with Market Trend Detector On:

It still needs some refining, but in this particular example it reduced maximal drawdown from about ~40% (picture above) to ~5% while overall gains are similar.

Expert Advisor Trading QnA:

Is a VPS required?

In short, yes it is required

From our backtesting data a ping higher than 50ms is going to cause troubles to the EA’s ability to open and close trades on a timely manner. Especially if you use it with high amount of orders. For this reason we strongly recommend that you use a proper VPS, with a ping of 10ms or less.

But test the EA trading bot yourself and decide

In any case check your ping and then try to run a backtest with a ping a bit higher than yours on the emulation and see what results you get. But also do the same with a VPS level ping (like 10ms) and measure the difference and decide if you want it or not.

If you have no idea what we are talking about:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, it is basically a remote computer that runs the trading bot without the need for your computer to be on or connected to the internet. This is the main reason that most people use it, but the real benefit is the fact that a proper VPS can give you very small response times (ping), which would be near impossible to achieve at home, unless you happen to live next to the trading servers of your broker.

We have a full guide on VPS

If you feel lost don’t worry, we have a full step by step guide on how to pick a VPS that is appropriate for your broker. See here for more details.

Can I use the EA without being under your partnership?

No. As we explained this is the way we generate revenue, so using our EA without being under our partnership is not allowed. You are welcome to move to another partner if you decide that you no longer need our EAs.

Do you offer Rebates?

No. We don’t offer any rebates as part of our partnership, we keep everything. Sorry that is the price of giving you good expert advisor trading bots.

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